Who Am I?

What is a Sex Geek?

Sex Geek: n. 1. Someone who takes pride in learning, applying and spreading throughout their lives accurate sexual health information, effective communication skills, and pragmatic relationship know-how regardless of sexual identity and practices. 2. Term popularized by sex geek and relationship expert, Reid Mihalko!
Check out his classes, buy a t-shirt, and more at reidaboutsex.com.

What services do I offer?

Services by Appointment (734) 335-0509

  • Sacred Touch & Etheric Body Work
  • Spiritual Counsel & Personal Coaching
  • Professional Listening & Nonsexual Physical Touch
  • Sexual Trauma Recovery Support
  • Reclaiming Erotic and Sexual Self-Esteem Guidance
  • Deepening or Cultivating Intimacy Consultation
  • Rite Design & Facilitation

What do I teach?

Classes By Design

Having cut my teeth in corporate learning & development, then honed my skills in the deviants’ domain, I find that education is most effective when it is timely and relevant to the audience. Available throughout the US and Canada, I will design a presentation that is best suited to the needs of your group. Some examples of presentations and discussion groups I’ve facilitated:

    • Advanced Boundaries for Deviants
    • Enthusiastic Consent / The Gift of Fear
    • Psychic / Woo Families
    • Poly Parenting
    • Sacred Sexuality
    • Queer Tantra
    • No-Touch Ecstatic Release
    • Subtle Energy Systems
    • Basic Energy Awareness: Sensing, Exercise, and Application
    • Sacred Selfishness
    • BDSM Safety 101: Strike Zones, Circulation Cues, Basic Bondage

How did I get here?

Experience and Background

I’m an enthusiast of diverse human sexual expression. I was blessed to come from a liberal and sex-positive family, and sexual expression has been a personal passion for much of my adult life. My stops in corporate America kept finding me analyzing business systems; documenting the architecture, applications and best practices; and in due course, serving as subject matter expert on “the system”, be it human or informational. From government to utilities to enterprise to multinational to family businesses, I’ve seen lots and lots of systems, and documented much. Before I was struck with the entrepreneurial bug, I’d planned to gain a degree in Technical Writing and leverage this knack into a conventional career path.

This gift of translation didn’t end in the cubicle, though. In my personal life, I’ve transcended a number of setbacks and overcome obstacles with dignity and integrity. Born first of three, a single parent at 17, a working mother through my 20’s, later a recovering codependent and corporate professional, then an intentional attachment parent and polyamorous lover, my path is testament to how fluid identity can be. I’ve had a number of personal relationships – romantic, familial, business, social, casual, sexual, platonic, spiritual. I’ve gained great compassion for the long journey we each have embarked upon; I’ve fallen down hard; I’ve made catastrophic messes and been baffled by simple acts of generosity. I enjoy fast affinity with lots of different kinds of people in a variety of settings.

What began as a private pursuit to deepen my understanding of subtle interpersonal dynamics for the purposes of restoration and play took on greater import in 2012. I took a vow to do this Work for the world. I had to, for myself and for my daughter. I’d been studying energy work for two years, had heard the call of Sacred Sex Work, and stepped into a space of visibility to myself. The implications of that decision continue to unfold, and I accept that my entire life has been preparing me for this moment. I am ready to work my mission in the world, to help us connect more deeply with ourselves, with each other, and with Source.

Where do I get off?

Growth at the Fringe of Comfort

Many of us have cultural unlearning to do about power, gender, race, bodies, class, and sex. Shame and guilt can get accumulated around fantasies or experiences and inhibit free expression. In today’s day and age, possessing sexual authority and agency is a radical act! While sexuality has long been a taboo topic for respectable folks, we change that culture by speaking the unspeakable. Safe & authentic romanti-sexual self-expression is a seriously imperative topic to me. Count on me to shake things up!

What’s up my sleeve?

Projects, Platforms, Projections

  • Sex Worker Outreach Project [http://www.swopusa.org/]

    • Having been struck by Kristen DiAngelo at CatalystCon with a sense of Mission, I’m inspired to get involved in support, activism and advocacy for local sex workers. Plans are underway to establish a Detroit chapter of the SWOP.
  • Path of the Qadishtu [http://youareatthecrossroads.com/potq/]

    • Annual program which cultivates toolkit building, skills training and basic groundwork for Sacred Sex practitioners. I completed Level 1 in 2011 and Level 2 in 2012. I have facilitated the Tantra portion of this class since 2013.
  • Sexual Rights of Marginalized & Institutionalized

    • My POTQ2 “thesis” topic was Special Considerations for Clients Over 50 or Institutionalized for Qadishti Priest/ess(es). The fundamental human right to sexual expression for neuro-atypical, over-50, cognitively compromised, and /or institutionalized, and how Sacred Sex approaches can help, is a presentation I plan to take to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in 2016.
  • Concept Smut Shop for Detroit

    • I’m seeking angels, partners or investors, to establish an urban, hip sex-positive retail store for GOOD sex toys. Get in touch if you have leads!
  • Credentials

  • Violence Interruption Training

    • If I’m committed to help us all love more deeply and authentically, I’m also working to address the very real barriers for folks in impinged circumstances. I see Violence Interruption Training as the next extension of personal development beyond Non-Violent Communication.
  • Daughters of Zami

    • I’m the proud co-Matriarch of the Daughters of Zami, Detroit’s Leather Tantra Club for womyn only. The Sisters have completed architecture and interior rough work for our club. Work is underway to attract / recruit, sustain momentum, and begin to materialize our shared vision. The club is open to women-born-women. It is a circle where we practice esoteric sexual arts and learn about Leather history, care, and do outreach regarding sexual agency, consent culture, and (re)claiming one’s sexual authority.
  • Non-Profit for Detroit

    • I see a glaring need for an umbrella organization who triages folks in need, primarily LGBTQ-POC, trans*, and sex workers, to get them access to safer sex supplies, sex education, and support services. I see it being a natural place for local universities to send their Gender Studies & Mental Health students for internships. No way am I gonna get to this in 2015, but it’s on the radar.
  • Ordeal Path / Shamanic Shadow Work / Ceremony

    • The seed for this whole ecosystem began as a spiritual calling. Life keeps sending me people who need help reconciling things in their psycho-spiritual-sexual composition. There is always space in my life for this kind of Work.
  • Releasing and Soothing the Sexual Trauma Map

    • In my free time…! I plan to deepen my technique at improving function caused by residual cumulative traumatic sexual experiences; Pelvic Heart Integration Technique is a technique developed by the late and great Dr. Deborah Anapol.

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